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Gina Miller Broker & Team Leader

Growing up in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. with parents who owned and operated retail stores, set the backdrop for Gina's eventual plunge into starting her own business under the RE/MAX umbrella. While attending The University of North Carolina at Wilmington, where she received her BS degree in Business Management, Gina was known to keep a notebook of her business ideas and would research different prospective opportunities. After graduation, Gina gained experience working in a number of different industries and businesses, both small and large.

The year before deciding to start a business in real estate, Gina's husband had suggested real estate because he recognized the direct correlation between a work ethic like Gina's and the real estate industry, where the harder and smarter you work, the more successful you can become. He knew that with her work ethic, she could really prosper and succeed on her own. Gina agreed; real estate had a lot of what she was looking for.

In 1994, Gina moved from Gaithersburg, Maryland to the Raleigh area when her husband's job transferred them. She couldn't think of a more perfect time for a fresh start and to break out on her own.

Gina entered the industry with a comprehensive business plan which served as her road map to exceeding her goals. That first year, she looked at some of the top producers in the area and thought, if they can do it, so could she. Failure was not an option for her. She was persistent and had a pretty clear vision of where she wanted to be. Now, having been in the industry for over 20 years, Gina has found it to be her passion and cannot imagine doing anything else. Gina enjoys watching her business grow each and every year and driving the company to its goals. It is very gratifying to her. She enjoys the fast paced environment and the interesting people she gets to meet.

 She feels it is satisfying to have a specialty and to use that expertise to help people accomplish their goals. She also feels that when you do what you enjoy it doesn't feel quite like work! People tell her, when she is working with them, that they feel like they are her only client!

Gina's business has proven its success, as evidenced by her awards and accolades. She believes her success stems from many things but primarily her perseverance, a passion for the business, and her genuine interest in the people she serves. She also hires talented people to support her.

Gina understands that buying or selling a home can be an overwhelming experience, and aims to take the stress out of it by providing service without pressure. Gina is candid and honest in giving her professional advice so that buyers have all of the facts upfront to make an informed decision. Ultimately, she wants what's in their best interest, even if that means talking them out of a sale because she knows of potential resale problems that a buyer would not have knowledge of. She believes a referral is the highest compliment you can receive because it lets you know that you have done an outstanding job for someone.

Gina has a wonderful husband and a daughter whom they both absolutely adore! They are also blessed to have both sets of their parent's living close by to help with their daughter and to watch her grow! Gina feels she has the support needed to excel in her professional life both through having a team in place and a husband who understands the demands of the business.

When Gina's not busy working, she takes every opportunity to spend time with her family and friends or engage in one of her favorite past times, traveling anywhere there is a beach! She also enjoys reading books on how others have achieved success as well as motivational and educational type books for self-improvement in real estate and in her personal life.

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